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ACADEMIC School of Medicine
Department of Radiology Department of Primary Care Medicine Department of Otolaryngology Department of Ophthalmology Department of Psychiatry Department of Neurology Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Pediatrics Department of Pathology Department of Social Medicine School of Medicine Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology Graduate Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular B Department of Physiology Department and Graduate Institute of Microbiology Department of Parasitology Department of Pharmacology and Graduate Institute Department of Urology Department of Surgery Department of Internal Medicine Department of Laboratory Medicine Department of Anesthesiology Department of Forensic Medicine Department of Family Medicine Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of Orthopedics Department of Dermatology Department of Emergency Medicine Department of Environmental and Occupational Medic
ACADEMIC Graduate Institutes
Graduate Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology Graduate Institute of Physiology Graduate Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Institute of Nursing Graduate Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences Graduate Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular B Graduate Institute of Pharmacology Graduate Institute of Pathology Graduate Institute of Microbiology Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine Graduate Institute of Clinical Dentistry Graduate Institute of Toxicology Graduate Institute of Molecular Medicine Graduate Institute of Immunology Graduate Institute of Oral Biology Graduate Institute of Phsical Therapy Graduate Institute of Clinical Pharmacy Graduate Institute of Occupation Therapy Gtaduate Institute of Forensic Medicine Gtaduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering Gtaduate Institute of Oncology Gtaduate Institute of Clinical Photonic Gtaduate Institute of Clinical Genomics Gtaduate Institute of Cardioangiology Gtaduate Institute of Clinical Tissue Engineering Gtaduate Institute of Biomedical Imaging
ACADEMIC Other Schools
School of dentistry School of Pharmacy School of Nursing Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Med School of Physical Therapy School of Occupational Therapy
ACADEMIC Research Center
Center for Optoelectronic Biomedicine Cancer Research Center Drug Research Center Center for Genomic Medicine

Administration Student Affairs 教學研究行政單位 Center of Faculty Development 教學研究行政單位 Dean's office 教學研究行政單位 Personnel Office 教學研究行政單位 Medical Informatics


International Program International Program International Program International Program

Medical Education

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