Center of Faculty Development
    The Office of Medical Education was established at NTUCM in November 1995. The Office became the Center of Faculty Development in 2010. There are five divisions of the office: Curriculum Integration, Problem-based learning curriculum, Teaching Evaluation, Research and Development, and General Education. The division of curriculum integration manages curriculum integration-related affairs. The division of teaching and evaluation administrates teaching evaluation-related affairs. The division of research and development manages faculty development-related affairs and website maintenance. The division of general education administrates general education application. The Center regularly organizes training for small group facilitators, student panel discussion for curriculum improvement, and workshops for faculty members.
Name Business Contact

Shan-Chwen Chang, Professor
Chief Director.

Coordination and supervision of all office affairs.


Yen-Hsuan Ni, Professor
Director of Curriculum Integration
Manages curriculum integration-related affairs, including curriculum coordination, teaching guidelines and materials, and evaluation of clinical teaching.

Fen-Yu Tseng, Clinical Associate Professor
Director of Problem-based learning curriculum

Manages problem-based learning (PBL) course development, evaluation and tutorial instruction.



Tzong-Shinn Chu , Professor
Director of Teaching Evaluation

Administrates teaching evaluation-related affairs, including evaluation of teaching effectiveness and educational opportunities for career development for instructors.

Daniel, Fu-Chang Tsai, Associate Professor
Director of Research & Development.

Manages all research & development-related affairs, including organization of educational programs for instructors. Responsible for website maintenance.

Ming-Jung Ho, Associate Professor
Director of General Education
Administrates general education-related affairs, including application of new general education courses and commendation for excellence in teaching.

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