Medical Education Development


  1. To cultivate physicians with modern medical knowledge and concepts to improve human health.
  2. To cultivate medical specialists and scientists to teach and do research in medicine and health science.
  3. To promote research in biomedicine and health science in order to solve local health problems and advance basic knowledge in biomedicine.

In order to achieve these goals, NTUCM has set its educational objectives; to cultivate medical personnel who can meet with society needs of the 21 st century, to cultivate leaders, research experts and educators of the new generation to implement medical education innovation, academic research and medical care development.

NTUCM has begun a large scale medical education innovation program since 1992, the program emphasizes general as well as specialty education, attitude cultivation as well as professional training. In general education, students are expected to have better behavior, advanced vision, positive attitude, and organizing ability through an improved curriculum and beging exposed to be aware of the excellent NTUCM tradition. In specialty education, students are expected to develop active learning behavior, scientific attitude, and be familiar with science methodologies through the newly designed curriculum and small group tutorials participation. Students are to become medical experts who are able to develop new knowledge, solve problems, conduct independent thinking and create new skills.

The missions of NTUCM graduate institutes are to explore medical science knowledge, cultivate medical research experts and raise medical academic level. By providing necessary environment, excellent supporting system and the superb lead of the professor instructors, students are to fully progress, conduct independent research and self education and to accumulate research movement in the campus.

Necessary administrative adjustment has been carried out in order to facilitate the achievement of educational goals, the Office of Academic Affairs was reorganized to include three sections for curriculum, grade and education respectively in 1992. The Office for Medical Education was also set up at NTUH in the same year. College level curriculum committee and education development committee were established in 1993, the education section of the Office of Academic Affairs was singled out to become the Office of Medical Education at NTUCM in 1995 which was divided into divisions of teaching, planning, development and evaluation in 1996. The Office of Medical Education was supervised by Medical Education Development Committee, the Office of Academic Affairs was supervised by Curriculum Committee and the NTUH Office of Medical Education was supervised by Clinical Medical Education Committee.

Due to the dramatic changes. of the society and the advancement of the medical technology, it was believed that traditional medical education system will not be able to meet the needs of the new society. NTUCM has therefore begun curriculum changes which include the introduction of basic and clinical sciences integrated courses, core curriculum and humanities courses, and the implementation of student-centered, active-learning, and prolem-based small group tutorials. The innovation has been recognized as the second system change in the Taiwanese medical education history. Other efforts include faculty development, international exchange and cooperation and external medical education assessment. The Teaching Development Committee was set up for long term development in medical education.

Patient-centered clinical medical education will be the next topic in NTUCM medical education innovation program.

Number of Faculty and Staff in National Taiwan

University College of Medicine (2005)

Professor 149

Associate Professor 108

Assistant Professor 69

Lecturer 41

Teaching Assistant 60

Administrative staff 57

Technician 52

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