Academic Research

In academic research, NTUCM has accumulated substantial achievement through enormous work from the past and has established the leading position in the research field in Taiwan .

For further progress in this achievement and to raise the research level, NTUCM established the Office for Medical Research and Development in 1996. The office is to integrate and make efficient use of research resources among NTUCM, NTUH and the College of Public Health . The office purchases high price instruments to be shared by different laboratories, reviews research-associated regulations and rules, makes research priorities, designs multi-discipline, integrated group research projects and administers all research related affairs.

Research budgets are mainly from National Science Council, the Department of Health, government agencies and private organizations. NTUCM and NTUH have had guidelines to share instruments and resources, to integrate basic and clinical medical researches, to support junior researchers, to supervise research activities, and to encourage research publications.

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