Location and Environment


​NTUCM is located at the intersection of Chung-Shan South Road and Jen-Ai Road , its buildings have been renovated and reconstructed several times in its 100 years of history.

Buildings existed at NUTCM are relating to three different historical periods. The Number 2 builiding and Pharmacy and Pharmacology Building were built during Japanese occupation of Taiwan in Min-Ji Period. The Pharmacology Laboratory, Joint Teaching Building and Round Classroom were built at the end of World War II, the modern-designed basic medical science building and medical diagnostic and in-patient buildings were built in the last 15 years. Buildings from different time periods have demonstrated their unique style and characters.

​NTUCM not only makes effort in building new facilities to meet the needs of medical development, but at the same time, provides every effort in preserving old buildings and traditional values. A good example is the renovation of the Number 2 Building that creates an educational and artistic environment to facilitate the teaching of medical humanities. Number 2 Building has been renamed as Medical Humanities Building since December 4, 1999.