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NTU Center of Genomic Medicine ACADEMIC RESEARCH National Taiwan University College of Medicine (NTUCM) has accumulated substantial achievements in academic research that stem from the same history of excellence that drove NTUCM to the forefront of academia in Taiwan.

To enhance its research standards, NTUCM established the Office for Medical Research and Development, which integrates joint research projects and monitors all researchrelated affairs. Moreover, the office makes efficient use of resources through the establishment of working groups, the promotion of research and development related affairs, and the integration of research resources such as research budgets, space, instruments, equipment, human resources, Innovative Biosciences and Integrating Translational Research 􀀀Groundbreaking Biomedical Sciences etc. among NTUCM, National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH), and the NTU College of Public Health.

NTU received funding from the Ministry of Education under its Aim for Top University (ATU) Project in the amount of 50 billion New Taiwan Dollars (NTD) over five years, beginning in the academic year of 2006. In NTUCM's execution of the ATU Project, the primary objective is to enhance research standards, to upgrade teaching quality, to accelerate internationalization and to improve student affair-associated projects. In the academic year of 2007, an additional budget amount was allocated to graduate students as a reward in order to attract and recruit the most excellent students. As a result, some of our outstanding research has been published in “Cell, Science, and Nature” journals since 2011. Furthermore, it was with great honor and responsibility that the ATU Project decided in 2012 to renew our funding for 50 billion NTD over five years, and there is no doubt that NTUCM will see to the best allocation of its resources.

In the future, we will strive to establish new research teams that will make breakthrough findings on key research subjects and pursue outstanding academic achievements to consolidate our leading position in academic research. Moreover, to enhance cooperation with commercial enterprises, we will actively and efficiently transfer our research and development results and valuable technologies to the relevant biomedical industries. Finally, we strongly anticipate dedicating our efforts to the advancement of medical research in Taiwan.